April 21, 2014

Desk Addition

I'm already changing things up on the family room desk.

It's crazy, I know but I found the perfect desk addition that has me very excited.

I found this fun book display shelf at the thrift store on Friday and couldn't wait to add it into the mix on the desk.

It started out looking like this . . .

After a very quick, and light coat of paint, which I dry brushed on, this little cutie was ready to be used within a half hour.

I think it adds a nice touch to the desk area.  
Plus, for me it brings back memories.  

When I was a kid, mom would take me to the library which was held in this fantastic old stone building.  Think stone steps, glass and oak doors, wood floors and the smell of books - - I loved that place.   In the reference section space was limited so you would find tiny shelves like this one on all the research tables.  The librarian's would rotate the books on them with different subject matters.  I remember how I would always hurry through my book picking in order to leave time to go through the books on the tables while I waited for my mom to make her selections.

Did your childhood library use them also?


  1. this is so cute and I love the fact that you put your finishing touches on it in such a short amount of time, AWESOME!! I buy things like this and they sit for weeks or even months at times because I cannot make a decision on what I want to do with them. Love this!!!

  2. I have a shelf very much like that which needs the treatment you gave yours! Love the look of your desk and that brilliant red chair. I loved going to the library and was fascinated with the card catalog. I'm fortunate enough to have bought one at an auction years ago. Still love that thing!

  3. Oh the memories that came flooding back when you talked about the library with your mother. Once a week we went to stock up on books. What a special time that was.

  4. That is very cute. It sort of reminds me of the ones on the back of the church pews. Love that read chair. Makes me want to take out the paintbrush and give mine a little punch of color!

  5. Oh I love your book tray, and it looks fabulous on your desk.

  6. I've seen book racks like that before. I love yours painted! It looks great on your desk.

  7. I love the memory that goes with your thrift find and also how you painted it!

  8. Hi Robin,
    I love the book shelf painted it looks so sweet now. Wow to have a piece that when you look at it will bring back such wonderful memories. Very special.

  9. That's a wonderful addition to your desk, Robin. I have some vivid memories of going to my hometown library in a big old building as well. I remember the big card file we had to use to find a book using the dewey decimal system!

  10. Hi Robin, I love the little book holder, it fits in perfectly!

  11. Great find...and the paint transforms it beautifully!


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