April 28, 2016

Project Challenge #4: Burlap and Ticking

Good Morning!

It's time once again for a Project Challenge.

This months theme is Burlap or Ticking.

I decided to work with ticking and make myself a quilt that has been on my wish list for years.

Have a look. . . 

I absolutely love the way it turned out.

I had trouble with one row, it turned out so wonky no matter what I did it just would not match up with the other rows.  But I couldn't be bothered to redo the row completely.  Now I'm glad I didn't since it is rather hard to find even when your looking for it.

Can you spot it?

 I am also very happy I decided on using both blue and red stars, at first I was going to use all red stars but the think the combo of both makes it very interesting.

I won't go into a full tutorial on how I made the block because I followed a fabulous video tutorial by
The  Quilt Codex.  Check it out below.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now lets go meet up with the rest of the Project Challenge group and see what they have been working on this month.

Make sure you follow the links below and visit each blog.

And don't forget to say hi while your there.

April 19, 2016

Updated Dresser

I feel like the queen of quick and easy projects lately.

One after the other, I've been flying through my list of project and it feels great.

It helps I think that I haven't taken the time to dream up any MAJOR projects for myself of late.

Small simple projects is how I'm roll'in these days.
(makes me feel ultra productive, he he)

The latest of which I'm sharing with you today!

This hand-me down dresser from my parents originally from my grandmother has been used for years in my daughter's bedroom but recently I relocated it into the family room.

I had painted it white over ten years ago when I first received it, and it held up pretty well.
Despite that it was looking a little rough around the edges, it had kids drawings, paint blogs, unidentifiable stains and some chipped paint.

Needless to say, it needed a little tender loving care.

At first I wanted to give the whole thing a bright new paint color, but after debating over colors I couldn't make a decision.

Time for plan "B".

I decided to work with the existing color.

Distressing the edges of the drawers and detail work was a quick and easy way to give the dresser a little more dimension.  Using some sandpaper, I enhanced the already chipped areas on the front of the drawers, along the edges of each drawer and finally along the detail work of the dresser. 

It gave the dresser a whole new look.
And only took about fifteen minutes.

I also sanded down to top of the dresser and gave that a new coat of paint to cover up all the stains and kids artwork.

Then I removed and replace all the hardware.

Seems so simple, but it has such an impact!

The dresser now has a new lease on life and is no longer the eye sore of the room. 

I've put together a quick video tutorial on the steps I took to update the dresser which you can watch below if your interested.


Have a great day now,


April 17, 2016

How to Make an Easy Rustic Tray

When putting together a new displays for my home I always like to add an element of height.

Sometimes in the form of a tall candle, or a vase of flowers, to give the arrangement as a whole a more substantial look.

Other times when I'm wanting a more subtle look,  just a lift of an inch or two is all I like.

~ ~ ~

Take this desk area in my family room,

I wanted something to break up the large, dark stained surface of the desk. On one side I decided to place a reused, painted silverware box to add some height to a simple grouping centered around a lamp.

Wanting to balance the other side of desk but not match perfectly I decided on using a simple rustic tray to add a little height to an arrangement of silk flowers and art supplies.

Of course, before I could use the tray, I had to build it.

Turned out it was a simple, under fifteen minute project.

I love quick and easy projects and I know you do too  - - so of course a video tutorial will be at the end of this post.

Because I was going for a rustic look, I of course gave the tray a distressed black and white paint job.

My go-to painting technique when I want something to have a distressed look.

It never fails me!

The beauty of this project is that I could make it as big, or small as I wanted without much hassle.

I love how it gives  me a place to corral a few items to make the desk look pretty but at the same time keeps the  majority of the desktop clutter free so it's ready to go whenever homework or craftime rolls around.

The best part of course is that I was able to make it with only a few simple supplies that I was able to gather from my scraps in the garage making this project essentially free! 

What's better than quick and easy, and free!

The basic supplies you will need are 1X8 boards (larger or smaller, your preference), 1X2's for the legs, wood screws, drill, wood glue and a saw.

Below you will find a easy to follow video tutorial for your viewing delight!

Hope you enjoyed this project and make your own.

I can see myself using this all over the house.

Have a great day,


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April 12, 2016

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope your all having a fabulous day.

I recently decided to change things up in my main bathroom.

The room itself is a pretty mix of cream and white to give me a nice neutral backdrop.

So when I feel the need to change things up, all I have to do is swap out a few accessories in a pretty new color to give the whole space a new look.

For some reason, purple has become a new obsession for me.  It used to be one of my favorite colors years ago back in my High School days.

Now all of a sudden, I'm loving it again and I thought it would be the perfect color to give my bathroom a new fresh look.

Most of the color in the room is centered around the built-in shelves on the back wall.

Oh how I love these shelves!  Super handy and a great place for both display and keeping everyday items within easy reach.

I found this gorgeous white and purple floral plate at the thrift store not too long ago and I'm pretty sure it's what sparked my renewed love of purple.

For some reason the true color is not showing up on camera, but in real life it's a beautiful muted purple floral design not black/grey  like it looks in this photo . . . grrr, so frustrating!

A simple silk floral arrangement placed in a pretty urn is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color.

This particular arrangement is one of those pre-made bouquets that Micheal's sells and I just plopped it into the urn.

Another quick way to add a little color is to find a pretty print online to place in a frame.

Can't remember where I found this print (sorry about that) but I loved it right away and I thought it would work perfectly here.

And finally, I gave this small mirror a new coat of paint, and then arranged some of my favorite clear glass bottles around it for a quick and easy display.

Sure hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the room.

I am really enjoying the fresh new look the room has.

Have a great day now,


April 11, 2016

Pillow Covers From Vintage Sheets

Morning Everyone!

Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods!

We're still waiting for it here in Minnesota.  The last week has been so awful.  Cold and raining, windy and snowing - - not very spring like at all.

I have high hopes for this coming week . . . 

In the meantime I thought maybe I could help things along inside my house by sewing up a pretty new set of pillow covers for the living room.

I love using pale blue and limey green during the spring months so I dug through my stash of fabric to find something pretty to use.

I decided on this blue flower print from my stash of vintage sheets.

I always hate to cut into vintage sheets at the beginning of my projects - it's so scary - but the end results are always so awesome!

Love how pretty and simple these pillow covers turned out.

If your wondering how I made them, I have a tutorial HERE you can check out.  
It's become my go-to pillow cover and I can zip through them really fast.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

April 5, 2016

Make an Easy Hydrangea Wreath

Good Morning!

Today I'd like to share with you how I made the pretty Hydrangea wreath that many of you noticed in my Black and White Dinning Room Tour.

I received so many comments and questions about it I thought a video tutorial would be a great away to answer questions and show you just how easy it would be for you to make your own!

A wreath like this has been on my to-do list for ages and with spring-like weather just around the corner here in Minnesota I thought it was high time to tackle it.

So glad I did!

The wreath turned out so full and pretty I couldn't be more happy with it.

Plus I think it looks amazing hanging over my new chalkboard.

To make your own you'll only need a few basic supplies like a grapevine wreath, wire cutters, some silk hydrangea flowers and possibly a glue gun and glue stick (to be honest, I only needed to use the glue twice on the whole wreath)

Before you start gathering up your supplies, watch the handy-dandy video tutorial below to see all the details of how I made my wreath . . . Enjoy!

Hope you all have a fantastic day and I'll talk with you later,


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March 31, 2016

How To Make An Over-sized Chalkboard: Project Challenge #3

Good Morning!

Like many of you, I'm loving the chalkboard trend that ones see's just about everywhere you turn these day's.

I have been pondering a way to use one in my decor for a while now.

With this months Project Challenge being all about chalkboard paint I couldn't think of a better time to put together a project I thought was worthy of trying out.

I decided a great big over-sized chalkboard would be a fun thing to add to the dinning room space.  Something with a simple frame that I could give a rustic finish to in order to make it cohesive with the cottage / farmhouse look I'm working with in my home.

After looking around a bit for a large frame to hold my longed for chalkboard I soon realized I was going to have to make the whole thing from scratch myself in order to get the size I wanted.

After gathering up some simple supplies I was ready to get started.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy this project was to finish.  It took me no more than a couple hours, most of which was waiting for paint to dry.

Check out the video tutorial below if you'd like the details and step-by-step instructions on how to make one for yourself.

The finished chalkboard turned out just as wonderful as I had hoped it would.

The kiddos are itch'in to be able to use it but they have to wait until after mamma get's her "pretty pictures".  

Once they find where I've hidden the chalk, I'm sure my pretty chalkboard will be full of "beautiful" artwork!

Now that I've shown off my chalkboard paint project, make sure to go check out all the other creative and inspiring ways my fellow Project Challenge participants have dreamed up.

Below you'll find a handy-dandy link up for your convenience.