May 22, 2015

Fun Finds

Good Morning!

It's time for Friday's Fun Finds and boy do I have some great stuff to share with you toady.

First off is this vintage garden chair.

Now technically I didn't find it this week, more like months ago while we were digging ourselves out of yet another snowfall but this week I finally had time to clean it up and drag it to the porch which is why I'm sharing it today.

Don't you just love it!

The color on it is amazing.
Eventually I'll give the cushions a makeover but I'm keeping the pretty original paint as long as possible.

Also found this rug for the porch . . . ok maybe it's not really a rug, more like blanket but it seems rug like to me and the colors are perfect for the space so that's what I'm using it for.

For the kitchen I stumbled on this cool vintage rolling pin and thought it would be a fun thing to add to my shelf.

I love it's shape and the fact that it has a few cracks (which you can't see very well in the photo)

And last but not least, I found these two metal boxes.

For some reason I'm loving all sized and styles of boxes lately, I have growing collection of wood ones but these two are my first metal ones.

 So pretty isn't it.  
Normally I stay away from gold but this muted, worn finish was interesting me.
The so did the stripes and flower design.

The second box is this silver number.  I fell for the unique shape and crest on the top.

The inside of this one is lined in red velvet that is in really good shape still and doesn't have the weird smell.

I'm sure to find a great spot for both of these boxes.

How about you.

Find the perfect spot for a new treasure of your own?


May 21, 2015

Shhh! Don't Tell Hubby! (Garden Center Haul)

Remember how I said I was working on getting my garden in tip top shape for the summer.

I was simply planning to weed, fertilize, and add some annuals. didn't turn out that way.

Instead of simply grooming the garden, I decided to give it a complete overhaul.

That's right . . . I'm crazy!

And the garden is no where near tip top shape.

It's somewhere two steps shy of when I started with a weed infested garden.

Sure the weeds have been dealt with, but then I started digging up plants, moving here and there around the garden or adding them to the compost heap all together.  Now I need to split some other plants, lay down some landscaping fabric to help keep the weeds a bay and then dream up some ways to fill all vacant space I now seem to have.  Not to mention haul in a couple yards of mulch via my trusty wheelbarrow.

Which brings me to why I need to keep my mouth shut!

 I'll share with you of course but so far hubby hasn't figured out that my real intent for the garden means trips to the local garden center . . . and new plants.

I have all my recent purchases lined up by the front door awaiting planting time.

Sure hubby is use to me bringing boxes filled with annuals home this time of year . . . not new perennials which cost so much more.

So I'm being sneaky and grouping them in with the annuals I normal buy!

So far I've picked up four new knock out rose shrubs . . . 

A bunch of pink inpatients for my shady gravel patio. . . 

A handful of pink perfusion zinnia's (my favorite annual of all time) . . . 

A tomato plant, and yet another shrub rose (to replace the one that didn't make it through the winter this year). . . 

A cucumber plant, a handful of annual salvia and two new pink phlox for the front garden.

And for some reason a couple grasses.  Not sure where I'll put them but they just sort of popped into the cart all by themselves!

I am hoping once I'm finished splitting the plants I need to most of the empty space will be filled in . . . . but who am I kidding, I'm sure at least one more major splurge at the garden center will be needed.

I splurged on pre-potted geraniums for by the front door this year.

Not something I normally do, but to tell you the truth as much as I enjoy gardening, planting is my least favorite thing to do.  

Pre-potted flowers seemed like a good choice and a time saver so I can spend more time on my garden overhaul.

And since I was congratulating myself on all the time I saved by purchasing my geraniums ready to go . . . . my next Costco trip produced another one for the front garden - - this time a hot pink number.

If all goes according to plan, hubby will comment a month from now on how nice the garden is looking this year!

I'll nod my head and say "yes it is honey, yes it is!"

Mission Garden Overhaul Complete!


May 20, 2015

A Hankering For . . . Stocking Up The Craft Bag

With the kids out of school in lest than four weeks and summer sports in full swing for us it's high time I get to stocking up my craft bag since I've already spent countless hours twiddling my thumbs waiting for practice to get over.

I've been using Pinterest for inspiration on small sized, easy projects I can add to my bag and I thought I would share some of the projects I'd like to try just in case your needing to stock up your craft bag too!

Embroidery is always something I enjoy to do and a few of these designs would be fun to make a project out of. 

W 730 - serial nÂș 1947 eb by mmaammbr, via Flickr

Always Kiss Me Goodnight design (UTH8310) from   This design is FREE if you get it before tomorrow! 07/27

2-938 WB i

When I need a break from stitching a few super easy craft projects would be just the thing to keep me busy.

recycle fabrics into buntings

Button heart

Learn how to make this super-sized Pom Pom Garland! Detailed tutorial and how-to video at

And then of course there is crocheting.  
A proven side-line winner in my book.  Once you know your pattern it's easy to keep right on working while still watching whats happening on the field.

I've been waiting for some time to try these projects.

Crochet Pillow - Pattern

round crochet cushion

Free pattern for layered-petals crochet flower @ Skip to my Lou

Now the hard part is to figure out which project to start first!

Bye Now,


May 17, 2015

New Vintage Style Sign

Well Hello Everyone!

I'm finally back from my blogging break.

Very excited to be back to catch up on all the projects you've been working on while I've been away.

While I was gone, one completed project of my own was a little something new for the Living Room.

Wanting a new look for the space above the sofa,  I first hung two framed botanical prints with burlap mats.

It looked nice but didn't fill up the blank wall as much as I would have liked.

So then, I decided to paint a new over-sized sign to hang above the two frames.

The new sign helps fill up the space and give me an opportunity to add a more color to the room.

I am now loving the finished look.

(not however loving the way the burlap mats are looking like two different colors - what is going on!  I swear in real life they are the same color - - - 
--just ignore them if you can--LOL)

The sign was painted on a scrap piece of 1X8 and it's almost three feet long.
I used craft paint to paint on the letters.  I then distressed the whole thing and added a dark wax stain over the top to make it look older.

It turned out pretty good I think.

I think it gives a room a little something special.

Hope you all have a fabulous day,

Bye now,


May 11, 2015

Hello! Anyone There?

I sort of disappeared on you, didn't I!

Didn't mean to of course, really I didn't.

A nasty cold kept me away for a week,

then the obsessive need to spring clean my house hit me so hard there was no way I could put it off which kept me away for another week.

And now the weather is so nice outside I'm enjoying every second I can outside in the garden, walking the dog or bike riding with my kiddos.

Which brings us to week #4 and I feel as if I need to give my garden my undivided attention in an attempt to bring it up to par before my established plants get too big.

I'm hoping some pretty photos and a heart felt apology to all my loyal readers for my lack of attention to my blog will make up for yet another week of being absent.

Although I have not been posting, my project have been progressing nicely and I have a lot of fun thing to share with you....

but that will have to wait until next week.

Hope you all are doing well and I'm looking forward to catching up with each and every one of you very, very soon.

See you next week,


April 20, 2015

How To Rejuvenate An Old Cutting Board

You all know how much I enjoy hunting for treasures at thrift stores!

It's such fun.

Every now and then you'll come across the exact thing you've been looking for.

It happened to me a couple weeks ago.

I stumbled across a thick, smallish sized footed cutting board,  Instantly it was the find of the day!

After a little TLC, my new-to-me cutting board is looking oh so pretty on the kitchen counter.

When I first brought it home the poor thing was in rough shape.

The wood was bleached a dried, faded color  - - the sides had a somewhat tacky feeling - - and one of it's feet liked to fall off.

The first step to rejuvenating this beauty was to give it a good washing and scrubbing.  I then allowed it to dry overnight.

The second step required my electric sander.   
I went to town, sanding every inch of the cutting board that I could reach with a coarse grit sandpaper on my sander.  Then I hand sanded all the little parts my electric sander couldn't reach.

Once that was completed, I repeated the whole process using a fine grit sandpaper until every things was nice and smooth.

Before moving on to step three, I made sure to wipe down every surface first with a dry rag followed by a damp rag to remove all traces of dust.

The third and final step is by far the easiest.

I picked up some Watco Butcher Block Oil and Finish from Menards.

Using a foam brush, I simple painted on the oil following the wood grain.

The difference is simple amazing!
Here you can see I have a thin coat on one half and the other half is still waiting patiently for it's coat of oil.

I ended up giving the cutting board the recommended two thin coats, allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second coat.

I love how it turned out!

Have a great day now and I will see you soon.


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April 8, 2015

A Hankering For . . . Fabulous Fabric

When the sewing bug bites I dream of having new stacks of cheerful fabric to create with.

With so many different options a girl like me can go a little crazy!

Here are just a few of the gorgeous fabrics I'm dreaming of . . . 

Princess Rose by Lecien

Flower Sugar 2013 by Lecien...LOVE the gingham floral!!

floral paisley vintage cotton eiderdown fabric....just yummy!

Tilda Fabric

red and aqua fabric


Bee In My Bonnet: Milllie's Closet

Makes one want to break out the sewing machine doesn't it?

I think just might!

Have a great day,